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1 sets BKBF12 Ballscrew end supports (1 BK12 & 1 BF12) [M_M_S]


SFU1605 Ball Screw L250mm &BKBF12 End Machined with 6.35 x 10 BR coupler


SFU1605 Ball Screw L350mm &BKBF12 End Machined with BR coupler


SFU1605 Ball Screw L1050mm &BKBF12 End Machined with BR coupler


SFU1605 Ball Screw L300mm &BKBF12 End Machined with BR coupler


SBR12 linear rail+ ballscrew RM1605-400/10001500mm+ 3 set BKBF12 end bearing


SBR12/16-400/450/450mm linear rail set+ RM1605 RM1204 ball screw+BKBF12 BK/BF10


SBR20-1500mm linear 2 rail+RM1605 ball screw+1set BKBF12 bearing+nut housing CNC


linear rail SBR16-300/1500/2000mm+4 RM1605 ballscrew+ BKBF12 bearing+nut housing


SBR12 linear rail+ballscrew RM1605-400/10001500mm+ 3 set BKBF12 end bearing CNC


ballscrew RM1605-300mm+BKBF12 end bearing+SBR16 linear slide rail +nut housing


ballscrew RM1605-650mm+BKBF12 end bearing+1 set SBR16-1000mm linear slide rail


16mm ballscrew RM1605-300/850/1150/1150mm-C7+4set BKBF12 end bearing support CNC


SBR20-300/1200/1500mm linear rail set+ RM1605-350/1250/1550mm ball screw+ BKBF12


SBR16 linear slide rail+ballscrew RM1605-240/800mm+2 set BKBF12 end bearing CNC


linear rail SBR16-380/1400/1400mm+4 RM1605 ballscrew+BKBF12 bearing+nut housing


3set linear rail SBR16-300/600/1000mm+3 RM1605 ballscrew + BKBF12 bearing CNC


3set linear rail SBR16-350/600/1200mm+4 RM1605 ballscrew+4set BKBF12 end bearing


SBR20 linear slide rail+ballscrew RM1605-300/2500/2500mm+3set BKBF12 end bearing


SBR16-300/1000/1500mm linear rail set+3 16mm ballscrew RM1605+BKBF12 bearing CNC


SBR20 linear slide rail+ballscrew RM1605-370/850/1200mm+BKBF12 end bearing CNC


SBR16-300/600/1000mm linear rail+ RM1605-300/600/1000mm ball screw+ BKBF12 CNC


SBR20-300/750/1400mm linear rail+ RM1605-350/800/1450/1450mm ball screw+ BKBF12


3set linear rail SBR16-500/1000/1500mm+4 ballscrew RM1605+BKBF12 end bearing CNC


linear rail SBR20-500/1000/1500mm+4 RM1605 ballscrew+BKBF12 bearing+nut housing


SBR16-300/1500/1500mm linear rail set+4 RM1605 ball screw+BKBF12+CNC nut housin


SBR20 linear slide rail+ballscrew RM1605-350/850mm+2set BKBF12 end bearing CNC


SBR16 linear slide rail+ballscrew RM1605-400/900/1500mm+3 set BKBF12 end bearing


3set anti backlash 16mm ballscrew RM1605-900mm-C7+BKBF12 end bearing support CNC


2 SBR16 linear slide rail+ballscrew RM1610-1050mm-C7+1set BKBF12 end bearing CNC


3set linear rail SBR16-340/1420/1460mm+4 RM1610 ballscrew+ 4 set BKBF12 bearing


SBR16 linear rail set+RM1605-400/700/1000mm ball screw+3 BKBF12 end bearing CNC


16mm ballscrew RM1605-1600mm+BKBF12 end bearing+1set SBR20 linear slide rail CNC


SBR20-300/750/1400mm linears rail+ballscrew 4 RM1605+4set BKBF12 end bearing CNC


1set anti backlash 16mm ballscrew RM1605-545mm-C7+BKBF12 end support bearing CNC


16mm ballscrew RM1605-350mm+BKBF12 end bearing+1 set SBR20 linear slide rail CNC


linear rail SBR16-340/1420/1460mm+4 RM1605 ballscrew+BKBF12 bearing+nut housing


SBR16 linear slide rail+ballscrew RM1605-700/700/1000mm+BKBF12 end bearing CNC


SBR20-400/1000/1500mm linear rail set+3 RM1605 ball screw+BKBF12+CNC nut housing


Ballscrew RM1605-450/800/800/800mm rail SBR16/20-400/750/750mm+BKBF12[MISS]


Ballscrew RM1605-350/1000/1200mm rail SBR16-350/1000/1200mm+SBR16UU+BKBF12[MISS]


Ballscrew RM1605-400/1100/1250mm rail SBR16-350/1100/1450mm+SBR16UU+BKBF12[MISS]


linear rail SBR20-500/1500/1800mm+4 RM1605 ballscrew+BKBF12 bearing+nut housing


3 set linear rail SBR20-800/1500/2500mm+ 4 RM1605 ballscrew+BKBF12+ nut housing


1set anti backlash 16mm ballscrew RM1605-850mm-C7+BKBF12 end bearing support CNC